Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clean House West Style

The week of Thanksgiving my parents were out of town. This is always the perfect time to get things done in the house because we can use things that smell that my mom can't be around. Before they left Kimi and I decided to ask them if there was anything that we could do for them that needed to be done. We suggested painting, getting the floors in the kitchen refinished, and etc. Our parents decided that some painting really did need to be done in the upstairs bathroom and then Kimi and I suggested that we do the extra room upstairs and our dad's room because they both needed paint and major cleaning done. So that was our plan and as soon as our parents were out the door we got started. But first of all we decided that we needed some major help.
Kimi then called our grandma to see if any family members might be able to come out and help us. May I just say that I love my family! We called Friday night and Saturday morning we had so many wonderful helpers come and help us move furniture and get the first steps of painting done. While there my Aunt Terri really wanted to do something that my Uncle Marc and her had talked to my mom about doing a couple years ago and that is tiling our front entryway in the house. I am so very grateful to them because they took time out of their busy schedules and got this done for my mom, which is something that she really has wanted done for so long because our carpet had gotten so worn. 
Throughout the week we had busy little helpers coming in and out to finish the tile and the painting. We also had people come over and help clean the whole upstairs. It is amazing how much a little cleaning goes a long way. We got everything finished (except a few things on the tile which will shortly be finished.) My parents are now THRILLED with the paint, their new office, and the TILE!! In fact my dad wants everyone to know that he fainted from the thrill of it ;). Our house truly looks so wonderful now and I am so grateful that we were able to do this for my parents. Now on to the reason for this post, PICTURES!!!

Now this was my dad's room before

This is my dad's room after!

Big honkin' difference right!!

Now I am sorry I don't have any before's of the other rooms but let me just tell you that they are also HUGE improvements!

This is the new office slash sewing room.

This is the bathroom which had a lot of issues. There was a big patch in the wall that was never finished so this really needed to be done.

And last but certainly not least the new tile in the entryway!!!! (I will post pictures of the completed deal soon)

I simply can't believe how much was accomplished in that amount of time. I sit here in awe and would be completely ungrateful if I didn't thank everyone for their hard work. 
* Thank you Kimi and Ryan for all the help and time you sacrificed to this. You can't imagine how happy mom and dad are.
*Thank you Mandi for coming home and being my buddy and helping us with all of this you are awesome.
* Thank you Aunt Terri and Uncle Marc and the whole Purles Family for the tile and the help you gave to get it done. My parents absolutely love it.
* Thank you Chase and Cam for your late night of hard work and multiple days of early mornings.
* Thank you Grandma Davis for getting everyone together for us.
* Thank you Mackenzie, Amie, Chris, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Michael, Aunt Jerry, and Grandma for coming out to help us it was greatly needed and appreciated. 
If I missed anyone I am truly sorry. But I want everyone to know that my parents absolutely love everything and we are all TRULY grateful for all that you have done for us. It truly has shown me all that I am grateful for!